Tuesday, 18 January 2011


On Saturday, at last, we had our first day on the Erin Mae. Well, half a day. And we didn’t go anywhere. But we were on the boat, afloat! No water on board. To eat, just the soup and sandwiches we had brought with us. No chance of staying overnight. Who cares? We were on our boat. And the diesel-powered central heating works!

So far, the people we’ve met have been amazing. On Sunday, Steve the marina manager, and Dave and Jenny who work at the marina and live aboard a narrowboat there, helped us to move Erin Mae from the temporary mooring to her own. Dave took the tiller – we're not yet ready to handle a boat nearly as long as a cricket pitch in the wind that was blowing. These guys could not have been more helpful, showing us the ropes (literally) and how to manage some of the systems. I hope that, further down the track, we can be as supportive to others as they have been to us.


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