Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Antidote to baa-lambs

Several narrowboat bloggers have been busy snapping the new season’s source of thermal underwear thread and Irish stew. There’s a definite “Ah” factor loose in the wild.

So, from the last fortnight's Major Event in our household, here’s something completely different, with a definite “Ugh” factor. All those of a sensitive disposition, please close the blog now, without scrolling down. You have been warned!




This post was primarily for our friend Iain in Oz, who used to shepherd sheep in Scotland before pastoring people down under, who shares the experience of new knee technology, but had only 24 clips, judging from the photo, and who’s about to pay a visit to climb a Munro or two, and perhaps hire a narrowboat alongside us for a week. We’re getting there, Iain. Erin Mae awaits.

1 comment:

  1. My leg is not nearly as colourful as yours Margaret, I'm quite disappointed! My "pins" don't "get pulled" till next week, but everything else is doing ok. Have nearly 90% bend and pain bearable, although tablets do tend to make me drowsy...forced to have a bijou nappette in the afternoons! I'm using you as my role model, so hang in there.