Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Agua viva!

After a couple of abortive attempts, first on Good Friday and again on Wednesday of last week, our washing machine was finally delivered today. Engineering reckon they can install both it and the new calorifier during the coming week and that will mean, at last, the mising element: running water!

When you look at pictures of the old commercial narrowboats, it's clear such a luxury would have been beyond their wildest imaginings. However, a trawl round boating blogs indicates that in the pecking order for modern boaters' priorities and discussion topics, the water supply ties for third place behind toilets and electrics (alongside encounters with ducklings and appreciation of atmospheric sunrises / golden sunsets / picturesque canal bridges).

Me, I'm just glad that frequent trips to the tap with a bucket will be a thing of the past. Could our next two-day visit to the Erin Mae actually see us able to stay away from the marina overnight?


  1. @Mo Wood

    Hi Mo, glad to see you're back in circulation. Hope that the op went well, the pain's under control and your flexibility is returning!

  2. Doing well. Managed a spin round Sainsbury's yesterday with support fro the trolley. Pain mostly under control and awaiting physio appointment...forms sat at bottom of GP's in tray for a week!Hope to get up to the boat soon too, even if we sit in the marina for a couple of days! We've certainly missed some wonderful boating weather the last few weeks. We'll have to meet up for a jar in the Clifford soon!