Wednesday 2 November 2011

Finally, retirement

Yesterday was the final first day of my retirement, if you see what I mean.  No? Well, the college released me from active service at the end of July, except for some some IT stuff that could be done at a distance (retirement 1). Unfortunately that was when I broke my wrist. Then half way through October came that momentous 65th, the official retirement date according to my pension provider (retirement 2). Happily, however, the college were paying me up until the end of the month. 1st November, then – retirement 3. The day I woke up uncontracted (if you see what I mean). How did we celebrate? In exactly the same way we did on my birthday. By cleaning out Erin Mae and driving three and a half hours from Great Haywood to Christchurch. Needs must. My best beloved had her final knee replacement physio appointment early this morning.

So what happened today? Went into the college to discuss the IT work they're contracting me to do over the next few months! Workaholic? Not this lazybones. It's mostly about unfinished business – necessary developmental stuff there simply wasn't time to do while I was still running the academic programme. That I shall throughly enjoy it is entirely incidental. As are our plans for the extra income. As is being able to do some of it from Erin Mae via a good mobile broadband connection.

I can get used to retirement.


  1. Welcome to the world of the retired.

    I left the University in February. The other half left the same place in August.

    The only thing is - we now miss the weekends.


    Mick and Mags.

  2. @Mick and Mags

    I think the canals must be as disproportionately populated by retired folk as Bournemouth. Do you think the new CART might drop our licence fee in recognition of our overall contribution to the quality of the cut?