Thursday 26 January 2012

Waking up

Ran into Mary in the hairdresser's tonight. "Thought you were dead" she said. Not true, actually, as we'd seen each other in church on Sunday. What she meant was: "You haven't posted anything on the blog for a long time".

Well, the blog is a narrowboat adventure, and Erin Mae is hibernating – and the last post was about winterisation, which I assumed would give a clue. Still, it has been seven weeks, while Christmas and New Year have come and gone, and we've got used to 2012. So this bear has yawned, and stuck his snout out of the burrow, and decided it's about time to make a few noises.

A new sort of routine has settled in, with my best beloved at the local leisure centre five times a week to see what a mixture of functional fitness, aqua aerobics and gym work can do for that bikini-beckoning profile and the arty-whatsit joint. The sauna and jacuzzi and tea with other class members are just possibly part of the attraction, too. Meanwhile, I've gone back to the college for 2 days a week and more, doing database development. It's a ball! Loving every minute. All the fun, and none of the pressure of senior management. In fact, I'm doing lots of (probably unpaid) overtime as new solutions suggest themselves at 7 p.m., and the college network is just an internet link away.

All of which is why I've not blogged for a long time. Come to think, I haven't been reading anybody else's blogs either – there will be a zillion posts on Google Reader. But (who knows?) the bear might not go back to sleep now. Thanks for the alarm call, Mary.


  1. Hope the Erin Mae is faring better than last year! We haven't been up since early December, when we overnighted on the Escape mid mercy dash to Lancaster where an old friend had had a stroke. We went to collect his car whilst his wife travelled back to Epsom with him in the ambulance. It was jolly chilly on the boat and the battery was a bit sluggish, so the Eberspacher was reluctant to fire up. I think we will have to investigate some kind of battery charger for overwinter... but it was nice to see the folks at Great Haywood, even briefly. As soon as things warm up a little we will be back up there. Hope Margaret's exercise is doing her good. I'm feeling guilty now!

    1. Mo, thanks for getting in touch, and for your Christmas greetings.

      Erin Mae seems a long way away. We've had our hearts in our mouths with the temperatures plummeting as they did a couple of weeks ago, though we had rung Marina Steve to get money on the electricity meter that's feeding the small heater we've got on board. But there's nowt we can do about it from here. We'll just have to see how things have fared, when we finally get to make a visit.

      Stay warm! Hope to catch you both in Great Haywood before we set off on this year's travels, whenever that might be.


  2. Mike's getting itchy feet already....

    1. Has he tried that special powder you can get?

      …actually, with the weather now positively April-like where we are, we're having to remind ourselves that March may be different. Meanwhile, work and exercise are keeping up suitably occupied!