Tuesday 10 April 2012

Sunshine and Showers, Lockers and Covers

Carol Kirkwood et al had said that Tuesday morning would be the one dry part of the week, so I hauled myself out of our oh-so-comfy bed at an unreasonable hour, ready to attack (at last) the construction of some locker covers for the cratch. Unfortunately the sky decided to play footsie  with us and, what with the chill, working outside was a most unattractive proposition.

Amazingly, just before lunch the sun decided to put his hat on and I was able to tackle in earnest the necessary measuring, sawing and screwing. Narrowboats are bit like country cottage ceilings and walls – hardly a straight line to be found. So when I look at one or two edges that are not quite as intended I console myself that it blends in with the overall style. I discovered along the way that handsawing can be just as effective as an electric jigsaw for some jobs, and that stainless steel screws are not as strong as their more usual cousins when being driven in.

I am now, in equal parts, elated and exhausted, having got all three covers done, when at one point I thought I would manage only one. So we shall celebrate with a phenomenal steak and then go out to the Spittal Brook in Stafford for an evening of folk music. It's a beautiful, sunny evening to match the mood and make me forget the pain in the lower back. Bet it rains tomorrow. Perhaps I'll get a lie-in.

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