Tuesday 23 April 2013


One of the early questions when we bought Erin Mae – how would music fit the space and the schedule? The guitar tucks in nicely behind my chair. But increasingly I'd enjoyed playing a piano accordion borrowed from time to time, and we wondered whether some sort of squeezebox could find its place. Our friends Roger and Mirjana have melodeons. They're great for portability and slot in well at folk sessions, but I concluded I'd probably get frustrated by some of their characteristics.

In the research we came across some Youtube videos of Hobgoblin's Birmingham manager, Mark, demonstrating various models. So that's where we ended up today, and over several hours Mark worked us through what might suit. Very useful – thanks, Mark! The outcome was the purchase of a second-hand 80-bass Weltmeister. Mark thinks it probably dates from the 70s, but it's been used very little and is in excellent condition. It has a lovely warm, gentle tone, quite different from the brightness/brashness of some of the others on display.

At the same time, my best beloved bought a DVD and book on playing the bodhran. So as we set out shortly for the Llangollen canal, we are clearly going to have to moor up for the night in very secluded spots! Put it down to the Ruby wedding celebrations.


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