Friday 11 April 2014

April, come she will

Or rather, come we will. A winter's silence on the blog reflects several happy months at home in the New Forest, and Erin Mae's survival of the storms and floods. The marina has a webcam about 20 metres away from her, looking straight up our jetty, so we were able to check that those fearful winter winds were doing no damage.

Last week a quick overnight trip with the first of the gear for the new season, and the chance to do a good spring clean of the interior. This was the first time I'd de-winterised the boat myself, and it turned out to be a straightforward affair, with little more to do than re-connect the water-pump, re-connect the shower-head, re-attach the water filter and open a stop-cock or two. I think it means I'll do it all myself in reverse next winter – I suspect that most of the workshop-rate time I was paying for consisted of waiting for the water tank to drain.

Now we have a few days during which we're getting other things set up and will hopefully get the chance to do a little painting – that's the scary bit. Also, now that the batteries are fully charged, we want to see the effect on them overnight of running just the fridge, with the mains disconnected.

So – here we go again. This year's going to be completely different, but we're very much looking forward to the it all as the adventure resumes.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Have a great time

  2. Margaret Michie12 April 2014 at 21:20

    Exciting stuff. Hope you have a good season. Had coffee with iain and Glenys today in Edinburgh!!

    1. Ah, we nearly drowned them last July! Say hi from us if they're still around. And we might possibly catch you in Edinburgh in June, if you're around.