Monday 6 April 2015

Easter moments

There were several memorable moments over the past weekend.

A 7 a.m. Easter sunrise celebration on the beach at Steamer Point near Highcliffe for 50 or 60 of us, followed by hot drinks and bacon butties from the beach hut of one of our church families. An opportunity to use my piano accordion for the singing, even if we surprised a few early dog walkers. Then back to our village for 10.30 service to continue celebrating the resurrection in an all-age-friendly format. It rocked!

A despairing tugging-of-the-hair moment as I read David Cameron's re-working of the Easter message and the real meaning of the Christian faith, miraculously filtered and re-interpreted to sound just like Tory election sound-bites.

An even louder gasp as I read the Guardian's response to our dear PM. I have never seen the Guardian quite so on the ball about anything Christian. The Guardian! I don't think Polly Toynbee could have got anywhere near this article.

And then, today, we went over to Studland Bay for a walk up to Old Harry's Rocks. We ate our sandwiches looking across the bay from above Middle Beach.

The stacks were looking great in the sun, and the boats were all rather different to Erin Mae.

Then we walked down and around and up and joined a good many others enjoying the splendid, dangerous scenery from much nearer. On top, but a few feet back from the edge.

This really is a spectacular spot. I lay on the grass, on my back, in the sun, closed my eyes and re-worked in my head the calculations about how many Amp-Hours my new solar panel for Erin Mae might deliver under radiation like this.

Then it was time to leave. We decided to go home via the Sandbanks ferry, and sat in the car-queue for about an hour before it was our turn. It was still probably quicker than negotiating the roads out of the Studland peninsula and round the north perimeter of the Bournemouth conurbation. As we waited, we got to listen to an anniversary edition of Radio 4's "PM". To make our day, they played the old signature tune that they ditched a decade or more ago.

A good weekend.


  1. Ah - fond memories of exactly that area from a holiday many years ago. By the way, did you get my e-mail?

    1. Hi, Halfie. Yes, thanks, and I've put some stuff up on the website.