Thursday, 14 May 2015


Jo Hedger was 2014 world tree-climbing champion. For the third time. And European champion.

Today she climbed our tree and artistically lopped bits off it. That's to say (according to the job sheet) "Robinia stem reduced and major deadwood removed".

Jo runs a tree-care company in the New Forest called Arbor-Venture. She was the natural person to turn to when our tree – we've always called it a Pseudacacia, but what do we know? – needed some inspection down below and a bit of a trim up top.

She had two male helpers, one slightly older, one rather younger, but they didn't get to the business end. That was her domain, and very much at home she seemed to be.

Their job seemed to be mostly to do with clearing away what she lopped off, and getting it into the shredder. Coming back from Erin Mae earlier than anticipated meant we got to watch this team in action, from the safety of house, as the rain got them thoroughly soaked. I was quite glad not to be boating this morning. We'll get back to Erin Mae after the weekend and get on with that battery wiring.

Thanks for the work, Jo. Nice to see you in action!


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