Sunday 16 August 2015

Boat boy

Three locks and four swing bridges today, as we came back from Gargrave to Skipton. Theo was involved in it all.

My best beloved instructed him in how not to drown in a lock.

He helped to open the lock gates.

He pushed the swing bridges, along with Elissa and Sam.

Then he took up the steerer's job, first with a little help from a friend,

and then holding the tiller by himself. Concentration on the way ahead is not straightforward when you're seven!

Along the way we crossed with Peter and Stephanie on NB Maggie May.

They bought her three or four years ago from our friends Roger and Mirjana – the ones who introduced us to narrowboating, on their first boat, the Sea Otter NB Jireh.

Nice to meet you, guys!


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