Saturday 18 June 2016


The Bratch being what it is, with hidden side-ponds as reservoirs between the three locks, you have to be careful about the order and timing as you operate the paddles. It's the only structure we've encountered so far where they are colour-coded – blue for the paddles on the top gates, red for those on the bottom gates. You can maybe just see the paint in the photos.

It doesn't do to think too much about the weight of water held above you as you come in from below.

We were assisted (and supervised!) by Andy, a CRT volunteer. As ever, he was cheerful and helpful and made sure we didn't drown. Thanks, Andy, you're a star!

So we've made good progress retracing our steps northwards, in spite of having to get down the weed hatch at one point to remove bits of plastic bag and half a ton of grass cuttings from around the propellor.

I told this little fella what had been happening, as we passed, but he seemed to have his mind on something else.


  1. seems quite ominous riding into that lock

  2. The first couple of times you do something like this it is seriously scary, Ady. Fortunately, you eventually get used to it!