Sunday 21 May 2017

Off and away

This being a year for celebrations, we're going cruising for a couple of weeks. But not on Erin Mae, and not in the UK. We'll be on board MS Charles Dickens, cruising the rivers of Europe, from Cologne to Budapest. We go out via Eurostar on Tuesday, and fly back to Gatwick in a fortnight's time. The weather forecast is looking great, the itinerary is splendid, and we are full of anticipation. We'll try and post pictures from time to time, if the WiFi works as promised.

Meanwhile, we're leaving Erin Mae in the hands of our good friends Brian and Christine, who will probably start out exploring the Staffs & Worcs. The only other occasion on which I was in Budapest, it was with Brian. We were part of a small convoy of minibuses driving out to Romania in the Spring of 1990. The Ceaușescu government had fallen just a few months earlier, and we were taking some material relief to mainly Baptist churches which had been under severe pressure from the regime. Initial contacts were with people in Timișoara, and then we went down to near the border with Serbia. Brian and Christine have been involved ever since with projects there aimed at supporting educational and rural development programmes.

So, if you see them on Erin Mae, give them a wave!


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