Friday, 20 July 2018

Double delivery

Researching how to get a nice curve where the black paint below the gunwale interfaces with the green of Erin Mae's bows pointed me in the direction of very narrow masking tape which could be laid down around a curve. I found some 6mm wide tape on Amazon for a fiver, including postage, and ordered it.

Around the time it was due at Great Haywood Post Office I checked the tracking info. The DHL website reported that they had attempted delivery some days before, but unsuccessfully. No reason was given, but the time stamp was around 3 p.m., when the PO would definitely be open. I emailed the Amazon marketplace supplier to see what was what. The following day I got an email apologising and saying they would look into it with DHL. Later I got another email asking whether I wanted a replacement or a refund, so I asked them to send a replacement.

This is where it got bizarre. I got an email from Amazon saying they were refunding my fiver. The next day DHL delivered two packages, each containing a roll of masking tape! Puzzled, I emailed the supplier again, asking what they wanted to do, and pointing out that we have no printer on Erin Mae, so I wouldn't be able to print out a returns label. The final email this morning said I was very welcome to both the refund and the double delivery. I was very happy to click the button that said they had resolved my query!


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