Saturday 25 August 2018


This was meant to be a window-fixing day. Yesterday we called in at Oxley Marine to sort out two problems – a window screw-hole that had been drilled out too much, and a lack of alignment of some of the others. We got there about 9.30 and Dave started to look at what could be done.

Unfortunately, Dave was feeling sick as a dog, and eventually had to retire to his bed. Phil, who has done some work on Erin Mae before, was down in our neck of the woods for the Dorset Steam Fair. So that left Orph, the owner, to take over.

He tapped the over-sized hole to take an M5 screw, but we'll have to live with the mis-alignments and simply find the best order and technique to put the screws in when we finally replace them. So we came up to a favourite mooring short of Brewood, hoping to be able to work on the window today. The weather wasn't too good for that, but anyway I decided to try and do something about the loose top corners first.

The self-tapping screws holding the angle were both loose in their holes, so I re-tapped them, fitted M4 machine screws and used epoxy glue in the mitre. The screws at the other corner seemed just about OK, but the mitred flanges were slightly out of alignment, so I glued them with epoxy, and hopefully keeping them clamped overnight will mean the fix is permanent.

First time I've done anything like this. The test will be when I try to fit it all back in the window-hole.


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