Sunday 9 September 2018

Second breakfast

We had a long stint to do today. It started with the leg from Wheaton Aston to Brewood, which includes an aqueduct over Watling Street…

with some very imposing capitals to the supporting pillars.

We wanted to get to Brewood parish church in time for "Café Church" at 10 a.m. Coffee, croissants (or sausages), orange juice, chatter around tables at the back of the church, followed by an informal service which included a dramatised Bible reading and discussion groups during the talk. It so happens we were at Brewood for their first ever Café Church some years ago, and it was good to see the monthly experiment still working. We chatted over breakfast with Adam and Natalie who had come to talk with the vicar about planning their wedding.

We'd thought about having Sunday lunch in Brewood but the Lion Hotel seemed to have gone rather upmarket, with prices to match, and that wasn't the sort of lunch we had in mind. So we set off on the longer leg of the journey, and made it all the way down to Autherley Junction, and then up to Cross Green, tying up at the Anchor (which was the Fox and Anchor last time we were in these parts). Cuppa soup, a bit of cheese and a banana continued the fortification of the inner human en route, and we shall hope to find something suitably roasted in the Anchor this evening.

Touting for business outside the pub is a waterways trader we haven't seen before – the Candy Boat.

The butty is a sight to behold, shelves stacked with packaged sweets of all sorts, and business seemed reasonably brisk, especially with the children out on this Sunday afternoon.

Parents trying to encourage healthy eating habits were on a bit of a loser. But then, having had two breakfasts today, who am I to talk? Come to think of it, "Second Breakfast" would make a rather nice name for a narrowboat, and one I could add to my Tolkien-themed list, were someone to adopt it.


  1. Glad to see you're doing some proper boating at last!

    1. Though not, of course, quite as expansive as your own trip which seems to have got you almost to Holland! Mind you, today's trip (see the post) felt like it was almost as far.