Tuesday, 30 July 2019


I've wanted a Dremel for ages – along with electronic things it's the sort of gadget that raises my adrenaline levels – but the reading on the "need" scale never quite hit the justification mark. Until yesterday, when, observing Dave apply his angle grinder to the not-so-subtle art of cutting off a couple of rusted screw heads, I realised that a cutter with a much smaller diameter would do far less damage to the surrounding aluminium of Erin Mae's window frame.

After that, it wasn't hard to think up all sorts of extra uses for a Dremel. And once I'd done my research on the relevant websites, I was done for. I waited half an hour to allow hormones to subside, in order to conduct a reality check (well, it was a whole weekend when I bought my guitar) and ordered it.

It will be a while before it gets used in earnest, not least because we drove south today in the torrential rain because of some important medical appointments over the next week. I wonder if I can think of something interesting to do with it while we're here…


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