Sunday, 25 August 2019

Kitchen window phases 5a – 5n

The last ten days have seen the window work on Erin Mae proceeding steadily. The most satisfactory part was successfully drilling and tapping the hull with some extra holes to take machine screws that will fix the frame in place.

I've cleaned out plenty of threads before, but these were the first I'd cut myself. Having the right equipment was key – a 3.3mm cobalt steel drill bit, some cutting paste and an M4 tap that was tough enough for the job. In retrospect, I wonder what it was I was worried about. Now the positions of the holes in the frame and those in the hull match each other and I've started on the painting.

The heatwave meant I didn't try to do too much today. I had a BBQ to cook.

My best beloved took the photos so doesn't appear in shot. She looked after the salad and the strawberries. And very nice it was too!


  1. You weren't hooked on the cricket then?

    1. I was indeed following it as closely as I could, Mike – BBC website and Cricinfo website on the laptop, and TMS on the DAB! An excellent addition to the menu. Just didn't make it into the blog post.