Wednesday 11 August 2021


First thing, Rob was on hand to clean up the hole for the new flue.

It certainly looked better with the old silicone removed and a bit of rust treatment.

I'd thought we'd be talking a long time for next part of the process, but in a very short time it was ready for some sprayed primer.

And then it wasn't long again before the top section of the flue could be dropped into position.

Rob brought the stove back from the workshop, and I was delighted to see the squirrel motif on the side. They've always been obscured by the protective side panels – and will be again.

Outside in the boatyard there was a lot going on with a breakdown, and I took the opportunity to snap Nick (left, the wharf's owner) and Nigel (right, who's in charge of our job).

In the afternoon Rob got the new flue fitted, and all the remaining pieces back in the stove. Then he went carefully round with a can of stove-black spray, prettying up any residual marks.

All ready for our chimney to go back on when the sealant has had a chance to cure thoroughly.

So far we're really pleased with what they've done. Of course, tomorrow I'll find out what the final bill is. Farewell to the kids' inheritance!


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