Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Now it starts

Over the last few months we've noticed the excitement of people who blog about their first narrowboat. Now we've joined the club and understand what it feels like! There's been a mixture of joy in the prospect of using it, concern over the things that might go wrong, wondering whether you've made the right design compromises. It's all a bit different from buying a house or car. In our case it's coupled with impatience at not being able even to get on board at the moment, because Erin Mae is out of the water, on blocks, for the hull to be blacked, and all the systems are drained down for the winter.

Everything went smoothly today. A safe journey up and down in difficult weather, and the sale was completed with a minimum of fuss. Then we agreed the contract with the marina for a berth until the end of next summer, and had a good talk with the engineering firm on site about the work they are doing. One of the enjoyable extras was to make contact with Bruce and Sheila in n.b. Sanity Again, whose blog at nbsanity.blogspot.com we'd been following a bit. When we found they were wintering at Great Haywood, we couldn't resist dropping in to ask a couple of questions. Thanks to them for the warm welcome.

So here we are at last. The adventure has begun! Though it will take a long time to get to the first corner.


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