Wednesday 16 May 2012

Out of condition

Well, we made it. Water tank full, diesel tank full, poo tank empty (almost). Sun in the sky, wind not too cold, a day for tee-shirts, dark glasses and sun-hats. Off we sailed, down the Staffs and Worcs and have tied up just past the Midland Chandlers depot at Penkridge. Very convenient as we need to get an extra centre line in the morning. Only down side is the M6 rumbling along about a quarter of a mile away. But my best beloved has recently taken to using ear-plugs at night to cut out the sound of my snoring, and the M6 rumble pales into insignificance beside that. For my part, I can sleep through almost anything.

My principal issue is going to be neck and shoulders, which are putting up a steady complaint after about 5 hours at the tiller. You'd think they would have let me know earlier, and we could have stopped sooner. But no, they waited until the last lock gate was shut behind us and the mooring ropes neatly tied to begin their whining. Now they are having a competition to see which can scream the loudest. Never saw this coming – better start an appropriate exercise regime.

Meanwhile, I have to decide on the best medicine. A couple of paracetamol, or a nice glass of red wine. Hm… So I put it to the medically-trained member of the partnership. And she said: "Both!"


  1. Top Woman!! She knows what she talking about. Hope the shoulders recover soon.



    1. Hi Pete. Thanks for the comment. The "medicine" did the trick! So we did all of an hour and a half's boating today.