Saturday 19 May 2012


Wolverhampton has mixed associations for me. In 1958, and again in 1959, Wolves were the English football league champions and as such were the first football team of which I was aware (apart from Ivanhoe who played in the park opposite our house). My friend Dave is still an ardent Wolves fan, but I was never any good at supporting a team that way, though I've retained a soft spot for this one. Later I began to think of Wolverhampton as simply part of the amorphous industrial spread of the Midlands, and close enough to the horror that is the M5/M6 junction to merit being avoided at all costs.

Then in 1987 I went with a team of students to do some field work in Wolverhampton. I was 18 months back from several years in Brazil, and missing it. In Wolverhampton I visited with a couple of Afro-Carribean families and, to my amazement, found that the welcome and some of the attitudes took me straight back to Brazil. At home. I've never forgotten it.

But I'd never been back, until today, when we dropped down the Staffs and Worcs to Autherley junction. I never realised, until seeing it in the canal guide, that this iconic junction is in Wolverhampton. The greener, more picturesque parts. Very impressive. My thoughts about Wolverhampton have changed once again.


  1. Funnily enough on our last trip through Wolverhampton the talked turned to football! when I was a child back in the 50s my dad always used to say "Wolves, dirty players" whenever their name was mentioned in the results when he checked his football pools,and that's stuck with me. My only association with the name Wolverhampton...just shows the power of suggestion. I'd always judged the place by that.

  2. I spent about a year in Wolverhampton in 1984. I lived with an Irish Family in Whitmore Reans just down the road from the Wolves ground. I went to a few home matches whilst I was there. I still take an interest in how they are doing. However, this year not being one of their best! But being a ManU fan sometimes means I waver for 90 mins! But not next season - back to full support whilst Wolves regroup once again.



    1. Nice to hear from you, Mick. Seems Wolverhampton has a place in a number of people's hearts!