Sunday 3 June 2012

Day tripper

Grey, overcast sky. Drizzle in the air. Early start, late finish. Didn't matter at all. We had David and Jo, Lewis (13) and Charis (11) coming for the day. How much could we fit in?

We picked them up at Waverton. First thing (after coffee) was for the junior crew members to learn some knots. Then we started down the long pound towards Tattenhall, Lewis and Charis taking to steering like the proverbial. They both seemed to have a really natural touch on the tiller bar, judging some nice lines round corners and through the bridges, though neither had been boating before. They also learned the etiquette of passing moored boats, with a mile or more of them to negotiate on the way. But it was also a great opportunity for narrowboat name spotting.

Knot practice and an introduction to mooring pins as we tied up for pizza, followed by a short stretch to the Shady Oak for ice cream. After that it was on to Wharton's lock and the art of the windlass. The winding hole was half a mile further on, and negotiated successfully with Charis on the tiller and Lewis on the engine control. Then all the way home, with pasta bake at the end of the day.

Wildlife along the route was typical for this time of year, waterfowl broods at various stages. Some miniscule moorhen chicks shepherded by anxious mothers, and cygnets getting a ride on their parents' backs. The balance between providing security and encouraging independence in the young is one faced by all generations. Perhaps what we did on this trip made a contribution. But, mostly, we had a great day together.


  1. Glad you had such a good day despite the weather...young people always brighten up the greyest days!

    1. They did, Mo. And we were only half a mile down the cut when Charis was saying "I want a boat" !