Saturday 9 June 2012


Got away mid-afternoon, with a farewell to Will next door and the marina staff. Hardly any traffic, so we were managing the locks on our own. My best beloved has decided she's more comfortable flexing her muscles at paddles and gates, rather than steering in with never a scrape. But the locks between Tattenhall and Bunbury are not easy. Everything is seriously stiff, and they are wide locks. Two boats side by side is fine, but one on its own bumps round a lot. Ah well, all negotiated safely, including the staircase double that requires concentration to ensure you don't end up joining the floods in Wales.

Now – can anyone tell me? I register miles, locks and engine time (and other housekeeping stuff) on the Erin Mae Log. How should I count a staircase lock? Is it just a lock, no matter how many stages, or does each stage count as a lock? Hardly the most important question in the world at this time of international calamities, but it would be nice to follow the accepted norm.


  1. Each stage is a lock -- so Bunbury is two, Watford is four, and Foxton ten.

  2. Thanks, Adam.

    As we came through the moorings at Calveley this morning I noticed a sign indicating a 22 metre mooring for "Briar Rose" – no boat actually moored there. That isn't your home base, is it?

  3. No, we're down on the Grand Union near Cosgrove. As far as I know, the only other Briar Rose has a The in front -- we moored next to them once!