Monday, 24 November 2014


Erin Mae is insured with GJW Direct – we had a recommendation when we bought her. Comprehensive cover, with one or two extras, for peace of mind.

But there's no point in paying more than you have to. When I got my quote last year I decided to look for competition. The problem is comparing policies to make sure you're getting like-for-like – they don't make these things easy to read. However, in the end I found an alternative which offered the same cover but was considerably cheaper. Then I decided to ring GJW to see if they would match it. They did, knocking over £30 off the price.

So when my quote came in this year – about half way between last year's original and eventual prices, it seemed worthwhile doing it again. I got a quote from Haven, which seemed to cover the same things, and rang GJW. Once again they were able to match it, bringing the price down about £35 – and over £50 cheaper than last year's quotation. I'm sure Haven are good, and if ever GJW can't match I'll be happy to transfer. But no point in moving if both product and price are pretty much the same.

Mixed emotions – why aren't they offering me the best price in the first place? Why should I have to do the work to bring the price down? And what does that £20 administration charge cover? But a good result. Just a pity it comes at the same time of year as the CRT fee, and the marina fee, and Christmas…


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