Sunday, 2 November 2014

Moving house

I'm afraid we're not minimalist. So when we move on to or out of Erin Mae there's a fearsome amount of stuff that gets carted up and down the motorway. We thought we'd get packed up on Friday, but that turned into a day for lounging about and doing very little. So on Saturday I washed and polished the outside of the boat, while my best beloved started on all the things on her mental tick-box list relating to the inside. That worked pretty well overall. We got away late afternoon, bought a lasagne from M&S half-way down the motorway, and had it cooked and on our plates by about 9.40 p.m.

In a fortnight we'll return for a day or two to get the winterisation done. That will also provide the opportunity for removing the batteries and getting them down to Evesham for testing. Whether or not there's an issue with them, at least we shall know and be able to take appropriate electrical measures. In addition, Erin Mae's safety certificate is due in February, so we'll want to leave things in sufficiently and obviously good order to make the awarding of a Pass something straightforward for the examiner.

I woke in the night with a variation on one of my dreams about Erin Mae being in imminent danger from something. I couldn't work out how that big mirror on the wall fitted with the dimensions of our cabin, which way we were facing and what had happened to the gunwale. Looks like being back in the New Forest is going to take a bit of getting used to.


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