Sunday 28 June 2015

Divine comedy

One of the fun things about the adventure is the range of boats and people you meet along the way.

Pirate ships and widebeams.

GRPs and wooden-hulled.

The everyday and the not-so-common. It seems to me it's not just the jokes in nature that reflect the Creator's sense of humour, it's also the huge range of people you come across. For boating Christians, it's something similar with the types of churches you get to join for worship. Middle of Manchester – where else would you go on a Sunday morning but the Comedy Store?

It sits on a balcony above one of the lower locks on the (in)famous Rochdale Nine.

There was a warm welcome and proper coffee in the bar area, and then we joined everyone downstairs in the theatre itself. This is Christ Central, a very young looking church with a band to suit.

It was a pattern typical for this type of church – an extended period based around singing worship songs, followed by a talk based on the Bible, relating a passage to some key contemporary issues.

Keith's talk was lively, warm and engaging, and unlikely to leave all feathers unruffled! We had a good chat with him afterwards as well, over more excellent coffee.

Next week it will probably be 11 o'clock morning prayer with robed choir at St Something's in the something. The words "rich" and "tapestry" come to mind!


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