Tuesday 2 June 2015

No window work

The windows are meant to keep the rain out (actually, that's the problem). Today, the rain kept the windows in. The whole of the country has been under a severe depression (and not just because of the cricket result). The wind is something we haven't experienced since we weren't allowed out of Liverpool's Albert Dock last autumn, but it's the rain that prevented the Aqua people starting on the windows. By the time it stopped completely, they were near to clocking off. Tomorrow they've got something else on, so it will probably be Thursday before our windows get considered.

So we did what you do when there's nothing else to do – we read our books, did some electronic networking, washed and dried a lot of things, and went for a nice walk in the wind round the marina when the skies had cleared.

We're in a berth next to NB Bimble. I don't know where the name comes from, but I've enjoyed this since we bought most of the solar gear apart from the panel itself from Bimble Solar. I don't expect they're any relation, but it made me feel at home.

The marina has set itself to be more than a marina, and has installed a number of holiday chalets for private owners to rent out. As these things go they look pretty good and, for the most part, they face away from the industrial chimneys that dominate the skyline in one direction.

It's quite a walk round the marina's perimeter, and there are numerous jetties in the landscaped nooks and crannies, all named after birds. Not that we've seen many of those. They've been hunkering down out of the wind and rain just as we have.

Finally, we got to talk with Ian of the New & Used Boat Company who told us where he got his windows replaced, a guy in the chandlery who talked about the difference between two types of primer (window work = paint job afterwards), and the very helpful proprietor of the marina's convenience store, who nattered about how business was doing, and changed a pound for a couple of 50 p's, so we could use the tumble drier in the launderette.


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