Friday, 26 August 2016


Erin Mae snorted as we came aboard tonight. "Where have you been? Thought you'd abandoned me." Of course, once we'd put up a picture of the new grandson she mellowed a bit. "Reminds me of me when my paint was new."

Ah – paint. That was what this summer's boating was going to be about – until grandson intervened. I was supposed to overcome my trepidation and interact seriously with masking tape, primer, undercoat and topcoat. Not to mention various grades of abrasive. All between periods of cruising to locations which encouraged this activity, and prayers for both the weather that would make it possible and the existence of an exclusion zone for dust, pollen, seeds and insects.

Well, fortunately for my nerves, we still have plans. IWA festival tomorrow (by car). Various things on Sunday, including getting Erin Mae ship-shape. Travelling on Monday in a Fazeley direction, in preparation for a BCF bash next weekend. With any luck I can put off all thoughts of brushes and thinners until at least Monday week.


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