Sunday 28 August 2016

Getting ready

This morning we drove into Stafford to worship with the folk at Wildwood church, only to find nobody at the primary school where they meet. They've obviously gone somewhere together this weekend, though we didn't find anything about it on their website. So we had a lazy Sunday morning in Stafford, coffee at Nero's, lunch at the Hollybush in Salt, and back to Erin Mae for the remains of the Grand Prix.

Then it was time to get ready to travel. As usual when bringing up stuff from home, we have too much in the larder and have to find room for tins and bottles of stuff. Also, since we're planning to be out until the middle of October we've needed to ensure we've got warm clothes as well as summer ones. Erin Mae needed a good clean, especially getting rid of all the spiders and their webs – hopefully they won't all be back in place by tomorrow morning when we leave.

One more night in the marina, and then we're off. Down to Fazeley for next weekend, but we've given little thought to where after that. We'd thought about cruising to Pelsall on the BCN this summer, but since we went there yesterday in the car for the IWA festival, that idea might just not seem so attractive. Also, we'd intended getting a 1000 hour engine service at Oxley Marine, but going to Fazeley first is entirely the wrong direction. Just as well the future of the country doesn't depend on the decisions we make.


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