Tuesday 20 July 2021

New territory

Nuneaton is not our favourite town for boating. The last and only time we came through (in the opposite direction), we picked up all sorts of rubbish around the propeller. The canal is really shallow, and some places seem to offer themselves as moorings, only for you to find that you can't get in near enough to the towpath. However, we did manage to find a place to tie up for long enough for me to walk a couple of hundred yards to a Sainsbury's Local that we'd found on the map. And the people were very friendly. 

Then it was down to Marston Junction.

We've never been on the Ashby Canal before.

However, everyone seems to say it is very picturesque, a bit under-visited (because it's a dead-end) and well worth a visit. It has a reputation for being shallow.

So we've moored up in the first spot we could find and, because we're now facing north-west-east are enjoying a bit of shade from the towpath trees.


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