Sunday 25 July 2021


We joined in with our church on-line today, and then went down into Congerstone for Sunday lunch at the Horse and Jockey. Fortified and back on Erin Mae, it was time to continue with sorting out the right front locker.

Yesterday's application of Fertan to "convert" the rusty bits seemed to have been successful, so now it was time for some primer.

The darkest bits of the base are where the Fertan has got to work, while the lighter section on the right is where the old Hammerite was still apparently doing its job. On the left is the first coat of primer going down.

The datasheet for my International Yacht Primer says to give it four coats, and I'm quite happy to put that amount down. The tin I had is from two years ago, and I'd already used about 80% of it, so there was a solid crust which took a bit of removing. Even after a good stir the remainder had lumps and bits in it, but I picked those off as we went along. This is not a cosmetic affair, especially given the roughness of the base from the corrosion. However, I'll probably open my new tin for the sides.

So far, everything is going according to plan.


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