Tuesday 29 March 2011

Love is...

...letting her borrow your favourite chair.

It's no mean chair. Not a great looker, a bit worn, but comfortable. Great for a cup of tea and a read. Half my students make a beeline for it, half feel that my great age and seniority mean the honour should be mine.

Trouble is, this chair is exactly the right height and shape for those who've just exchanged one knee-joint for another. Easy to get into, easy to get out of, back support without pressure points, allows the operated leg to do what it should. No amount of pleading about the efficacy of our existing Ikea models made any impression whatsoever. So home it came.

The Erin Mae came with a couple of those Captain's chairs you see in narrowboat adverts. They're very nice, good for a snooze when slightly tilted, definitely a grade up from the Ikea's. So I'm just hoping my best beloved doesn't develop the notion that the chair from my study is the only thing that will do should we manage to go boating in a couple of weeks.

Love surely has its limits...?


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