Friday 25 March 2011

Pain and Privilege

Pain’s a killer. Sorting out my best beloved’s pain control after her knee exchange took a long time – analgesics do funny things to her, and she’s oscillated between agony and nausea. Yesterday she managed some physio exercises – really important for future mobility. Gradually they’re getting on top of the situation.

And then we see what’s going on in Libya, Yemen, Syria, you name it...  People getting shot instead of healed. We think about the dozens of places we know of where minorities are persecuted, imprisoned, murdered, legally or otherwise. So much pain. So little healing.

Bones said “I live in Paradise”, with a sense of wonder and privilege. For us, owning Erin Mae is a privilege. We thought about it long and hard before buying, talked it over with friends. How much we could do for hurting people elsewhere with the thousands to be spent on this boat!

In the end, you make your choices and live with the tensions. We are massively privileged to live in an age of analgesics, within a system where they are available. We are incredibly privileged to own Erin Mae, and want her to be a place of peace and joy and healthy growing. But we won’t forget those in pain around the world, for whose healing we can do so little.


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