Monday, 20 July 2015


This afternoon it was off down to the station to meet the 1408 from Leeds.

Our friend Margaret from Edinburgh was coming for a few days. We'd all known each other as members of the same church and youth group – won't say how many decades ago. See how we've changed!

And see what she brought us to remind us of Scotland!

This morning Alan and Noreen came and moored up behind us, just as we were in the process of moving to a slightly straighter stretch of towpath. So when the three of us went for a walk and found him polishing his boat we stopped for a natter.

Now Alan has a Christian fish on the front of the boat, so I naturally asked him about his choice of name! It transpires it's Lancashire for an adorable child, or something similar. Intriguingly, Aussies tend to know the word and regard it as one of their own. It's amazing what comes out of Lancashire.

Strolling on we had a look round the interior of Holy Trinity church, and I found this plaque on the wall.

It reads: Alfred Hartley, who died 19th May 1922, aged 73 years, who was Head Master of the National School, and Superintendent of the Parish Church Sunday School in Skipton, and whose influence for good for over fifty years will ever be remembered by many of his old Scholars and friends.  “They that be teachers shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever” Dan XII. 3

I thought this was a remarkable testament to the life and work of someone who must have been a remarkable man, and I was glad to have seen it. Someone's been polishing this plate for nigh on 100 years.

Finally we strolled up the path alongside the Springs Branch of the canal, which comes out on a road from which you get this less-seen view of the castle.

I've no doubt that pictures of the better known bits are going to feature significantly on this blog when the children are here from Norway – three weeks today! But meanwhile, we've a cruise with a good friend to enjoy.


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