Monday 27 July 2015


One of the things about being our sort of age is that we rely on regularly ingesting certain chemicals to keep us functioning as we should. No, I don't mean ethanol or noxious substances obtained down a dark alleyway. I mean what the GP has decided is in our best interests, and supplied by the most reputable pharmaceutical companies.

Equally, one of the things about being our sort of boater is that we are away from home longer than our doctors' practice is prepared to issue prescriptions for. Inevitably, we run out and have to make arrangements. Up until now, that's worked pretty well – they fax a prescription through to a pharmacy where we can pick up the goodies. However, for the pharmacy to claim from the NHS they need the original prescription, which therefore has to be sent in the post. Our practice has realised that this costs them the price of a stamp and an envelope, so they are now asking us to provide an SAE. We, of course, have had to post that to them, and this costs us the price of two envelopes and two stamps!

Ah well, I don't suppose it will break the bank, and it got us into the Post Office which shares its space with a Subway. The pillar box was very bright and cheerful, and completely unnecessary as there is a gold pillar box just across the road celebrating Danielle Brown, who won a Paralympics Archery gold at the last Olympics.

As well as to our prescriptions, an update is required to to the Tolkien-themed boat names list. After posting the most recent version yesterday, I realised I'd omitted two names collected last autumn. So the list is now:

Arwen Evenstar
Bilbo Baggins
Earls of Rohan
Lord of the Rings
Many Meetings
There and Back Again

There. Up to date.


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