Thursday 23 September 2021

Song books

We had planned to be at the Autumn get-together of the Boaters Christian Fellowship at Fazeley this coming weekend. In fact Jan, the chair, had asked me to lead some singing of worship songs on Saturday morning, with my guitar. And mentioned that James and Hazel Bell, BCF members who also work with Canal Ministries, had compiled a book of worship songs specially for boaters. It wasn't certain at that point whether they'd also be at Fazeley, but then it transpired that they were on the South Oxford, and they passed us at Fenny Compton. The box of books was duly transferred.

In the meantime, however, various things were going on which resulted in (a) us transferring our home base to Mancetter Marina, and (b) it becoming likely that we wouldn't ourselves make it to Fazeley after all. Our plans had back-fired and the books were in the wrong place!

But then it also transpired that Andy and Sue Smith, also of both BCF and Canal Ministries, would be coming to Fazeley from the Ashby Canal. A phone call, a few arrangements, and at 5 p.m. yesterday I was sitting on the service wharf at Mancetter, with a box of books, as NB Spring Water came round the corner from Bridge 34.

It was nice to see Andy and Sue again – not that we know them well, but we've spent time with them at other BCF events.

We're still not certain whether we ourselves will be at Fazeley at the weekend. But at least the song-books will be. Wonder if anyone will use them!


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