Saturday 4 September 2021

Wibbly wobbly

This is the journey we made today, just over 7 miles along the Warwickshire / Oxfordshire boundary.

Following a contour means the canal definitely wiggles a lot! That means you regularly catch and lose sight of other boats.

And the bridges always seem to come on corners, even more than usual.

Odd things catch your attention as you travel: A wigwam / tepee with outside facilities,

an observer of the wibbly-wobbly traffic,

and the site of the mediaeval village of Wormleighton.

Not a lot to see, you might think, but the surface of the field is definitely wobbly-wobbly where ancient structures lie beneath.

After these last two days on the top of the world, the wharf at Fenny Compton, with moorings, pub, boaters' facilities and winding hole feels like a definite metropolis.


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