Tuesday 21 September 2021


It's perhaps a little grandiose to call it a nature trail.

It's a path leading away for a couple of hundred yards at the entrance to Mancetter marina, overlooking the canal and the neighbouring countryside.

At a picnic table about half-way along we met Sue plus puppy. She told us of the requests made by dog-walkers and others that the path should be continued from its current terminus at Bridge 34, to circle round and come back to the marina at a different point. So far, nothing doing!

Sue lives on her boat in the marina.

We'd spotted it at its pontoon on our saunter round to the trail, because of the name on a small wooden plaque in the cratch, and on a piece of roof furniture, though not, as it happens, on the side of the boat itself.

Yup! It's yet another for the Tolkien-themed collection. Bilbo Baggins is already there. Bilbo is now happily added, not actually being a duplicate. Here's the list.


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