Friday 24 May 2013

…and now to the Llangollen

Farewell, that is. This was the first canal we experienced in borrowed NB Jireh,  9 or 10 years ago. That was a glorious August week of wall to wall sunshine. This has been 20 days of very different conditions, but memorable for all sorts of different reasons – meeting up with family and friends,  repeated trips across the aqueducts, getting to know Chirk, exploring the navigable section of the Montgomery, the folk session in the Navigation.

We found Hurleston today much as it was when we started up the Llangollen – blowing a hoolie to make transitions and turns difficult. But lock-keepers Martin and Richard helped us down cheerfully, and the view back up the locks as we left showed something of what the meteorologists are promising us for tomorrow.

But the question is not yet settled – where will we go now? Down the Shroppie, on to Tewkesbury and back up the Avon to Stratford? Or across to Middlewich and an exploration of the Macclesfield and the Peak Forest canals. Hm…

Another day…


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