Friday 17 May 2013

Gently to Gronwyn bridge, Gronwen wharf

Even when roads are not far away, the Monty has the feel of being miles from anywhere.

You cruise along, often in your own little bubble / time warp, but usually with views through the trees of this fairly flat landscape to some small hill in the distance. It's unusual to meet other boats – the only two today passed us, going north, before we were out of bed! 

The lock-keeper told us yesterday that restrictions on going down onto the Monty are not so much because of the Llangollen losing water (which is what I'd imagined) and more because the Monty itself does not know what to do with a lot of water coming from above.

Conditions mean you travel slowly and, anyway, today our destination is not far and there's unlikely to be any pressure on mooring space. So we pushed on past Maesbury Marsh, under the lift bridge…

and winded at Gronwen wharf, which is as far as you can navigate. It seems it's Gronwen for the wharf, but Gronwyn for the bridge just beyond.

So now we are tied up, facing the right way for the return journey – but that's not till Sunday.

There's a folk session tonight in the Navigation Inn, and the prospect of something good from their excellent menu at some point during the weekend.

Hope both are better than the brickwork!


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