Saturday 18 May 2013

Maesbury Marsh Music

Not "marsh music", you understand. The village is called Maesbury Marsh, and the music in the Navigation Inn was very much better than its brickwork (see yesterday's post).

There were traditional English tunes on 3 melodeons, Irish jigs from fiddle and flutes. Along with obligatory drinking songs and seafaring tales were some classy mining songs written by the singer himself (Alan  Stan, on the left below). I contributed a couple of items, and even managed to give the new accordion an airing with this very tolerant group. They really weren't quite as depressed as the photos make everybody look. Think of it as deep reflection and the corporate pain of shared social injustices, coupled with the effect of taking pictures indoors without a flash!

And then we got an invitation to go tonight for food and more music to the home of the couple who organise the session, along with our melodeon-playing boating friends Roger and Mirjana.

So far, a very good weekend.


  1. We loved the Navigation when we did the Monty a couple of years ago. Great atmosphere and excellent food.

  2. And good service today, Adam!