Wednesday 29 May 2013


The mileposts on the Shroppie yesterday showed Norbury Junction creeping closer as we tiptoed past miles of moored boats. Today they showed it receding into the past, as we continued our journey towards Autherley Junction.

As you might expect, Autherley Junction is 10 miles down the canal to the right. Back on the Montgomery, however, things were different. Adjustments to the space-time continuum meant a reversal of direction as well as a step back in time.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Welsh Frankton was behind you, Newtown ahead of you. But you'd be wrong. On this canal the place name you see as you approach the marker is the place you're going. It's either a different logic on the part of whoever set up these posts in the first place, or else a cunning plan by the Welsh to confuse the English in the event of an invasion.

Today, as the sun shone in the morning, this bunch of happy hirers invited us past. They were having a great holiday.

They didn't always get their directions right either!

But who am I to talk, after yesterday's kerfuffle at Tyrley bottom lock?


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