Friday 25 March 2016

Back to blogging

I've been reading, rather enviously, the blogs of those who are on the move. Our time will come! But it will probably be two and half weeks before we make our first run up to Erin Mae, to see how she's faired, get the bedding back on board and complete some of the 12v electrical work. And it will probably be early May before we leave harbour.

The winter months have been anything but idle. Lots to do and to think about, but this blog is for boaty stuff. So I decided to resurrect a different blog I set up when doing a course about on-ine learning. That will give me the chance to write about anything I want. Who knows, someone else might read it from time to time!

If you're interested, you'll find the Everyday Fractals blog here. Or there's a link to it on the Erin Mae page.