Sunday 30 July 2023


 In the end, selling Erin Mae is about phases of life. And we have no reason to complain. In April my best beloved and I celebrated 50 years of marriage. So a couple of weekends ago we had a family weekend to mark the Golden Wedding Anniversary, for which we rented a house in Lyme Regis.

The grounds were big enough for fun and games.

There was lots of good food.

And different things to do when it was wet outside.

The Cornish crew were there, the Londoners had done most of the organising, and the Norwegians had all flown across. There was quite a bit of swimming and body-surfing, 

the consumption of several large portions of fish and chips, and lots of music. Being all together doesn't happen a lot, and we all loved it.

We were presented by the youngest members with a rather special can of baked beans!

Martin & Margaret, it read. Established 1973. It's bean 50 years. Rich in love and community.

Amen to that! It's been a good 50 years. And a fantastic weekend!