Wednesday 13 April 2016

Oh the winter it is past…

…and the summer's here at last. Well, not exactly, but that's how it goes in The Curragh of Kildare which, as it happens, I sang to a group of friends last weekend.

And since the winter is indeed clearly past, we've come up to Erin Mae to reverse all the protective measures we put in place in November – fill the water tank, check all the water pipe connections, turn off the opened taps, refit the water filter, and turn on the water pump. It mostly went smoothly, except for the water filter under the kitchen sink. Screwing the cover up I didn't realise that the ceramic filter inside was out of position and being forced up against the edge of the recess into which it is supposed to fit. Eventually there was a crack and I found I'd broken a piece inside. It doesn't prevent us getting water from the tap, but the speed of flow suggests that it's bypassing the filter. My guess is that spares are not available and I shall have to buy a complete new unit.

Ah well, so long as it doesn't cost me as much as I would have paid to get someone else to winterise and de-winterise our pride and joy, I shall be in pocket in terms of hard cash, and considerably in credit in terms of experience.