Sunday 15 May 2016


Chasewater reservoir, to the east of Cannock, was created at the end of the 18th century, to provide a water source for the Birmingham Canal Navigations, with the water feeding out from the dam into an open channel.

Trouble with the dam led to the reservoir being drained in 2010, and expensive repair work followed, at which point ownership passed from Lichfield District to Stafford County Council, because of the resources required. By 2013 the reservoir was full again, and acting as a centre for water sports of all types.

In the "Innovation Centre" we chatted with a Ranger and learned a bit about the complexities of funding, managing and maintaining a facility of this sort, and the uncertainties they can create for the staff.

The light railway has to pay its way…

and there are many other businesses dotted around this very pleasant site, not all directly related to the leisure industry.

We enjoyed our afternoon wandering around, though we couldn't make up our minds about the extent to which we appreciated the kazoo band rehearsing loudly in one corner!


  1. Capt. Ahab did an excellent post on Chasewater a few days ago.

    He didn't mention the light railway or the Innovation Centre, though!

    1. Funny – I'd read his post, and forgotten it! His record of the exploratory walk painted a picture of the site very different from the family-outing park that we encountered on Sunday afternoon.