Monday, 16 May 2016

Travelling in the sun

Once the sun came out, it was a wonderful day for travelling. Unfortunately, Erin Mae stayed in the marina, while we journeyed along the motorways, back to the New Forest. Appointments and things over the next couple of days…

But there were compensations. We got to listen, on the radio, to a discussion of why Poland got one of the highest popular vote scores in Saturday's Eurovision song contest, in spite of having come nearly bottom after the jury votes. Some of the data apparently suggests it was down to all the expatriate Poles in around 10 European countries. I'm not a particular fan of the contest, but I love that sort of analysis. I wonder if one of the sides in the referendum will make use of it.

Better still was that, in the garden, some grass seed I'd sown is coming along nicely to repair a patch, and our first rose is out.


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