Monday, 23 May 2016


Well, here we are back up again. Plan was to come up to Great Haywood last Thursday – which, with a thing or two, turned into Friday. Until, on Thursday evening, I was gently moving a delicious piece of post-prandial chocolate around my mouth, and felt something hard in it. My first thought was that product quality control at Cadbury's had gone to pot. My second thought was – "surely not another piece of tooth broken off!" It was indeed a broken filling – I think I'd rather it had been Cadbury's at fault. A phone call on Friday morning fixed up a dental appointment for today, so we stayed over the weekend and travelled up to Erin Mae once Caroline had finished her repair work.

The marina is very calm tonight as the sun sets and we've settled back in quickly. And we have plans for tomorrow! We're hoping to take Erin Mae out for the first time this year. We shall only have a couple of days as, yo-yo-like, we have to get back to the New Forest on Thursday, but that should be long enough to remind ourselves of what a lock does, and to fill up with diesel. It will also be a little test in the wild for the 12 volt electrical stuff that we've been putting in place.

More appointments next week and then we hope, belatedly, to be able to get out for about a month before the grandchildren fly over from Norway to visit.


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