Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Test run

As we started out from the marina yesterday the batteries, naturally enough, were full. But we'd stopped before lunch, relaxed in the sunshine, watched a bit of TV early evening, charged our devices  and generally done what we usually do. So the question was – what state would the batteries be in by the morning? That, after all, was the point behind Erin Mae's 12 volt revolution.

By the time we went to bed the SmartGauge was showing 94%, and that was encouraging. I woke at 5.15, and the SmartGauge said 91%. That was extremely encouraging. I went back to bed until about 8, by which time the SmartGauge was reading 90% and the solar panel was already providing enough current to offset the drain from the fridge. Now this is only one day's test, since we have to travel south by car tomorrow for the weekend but, as first indications go, these have been good.

So we travelled on, down Colwich lock, and stopped at our favourite local diesel supplier, variously known as the Taft Wharf or the pig farm.

These days they stock more than pigs and diesel. Not sure whether this is an alpaca or a llama…

Warm and woolly, a sheep on stilts. In the Great Haywood area there are stocks of sheep with mostly variegated brown colouring.

Whether or not it was the prevailing wind, they were nearly all facing the wrong direction for a decent shot.

What makes some mottled, some all white and some all chocolate I have no idea.

Time to turn at the winding hole half a mile beyond the diesel, re-trace our route and stop for lunch just short of yesterday's siesta spot. Since it was cold today, we had hot soup inside, and I noticed that Andy Murray was just starting his 2nd round match at the French Open. We rigged up the aerial for a little bit of tennis, and found ourselves spending most of the afternoon watching him struggle to overcome the 164th best player in the world. Rather more than a test run for him.

That meant we got back to the marina rather later than intended, but it doesn't matter. It's late May, but it's raining and it's cold, so we've lit the fire.


  1. I think all the boaters who can have lit their fire today! We certainly did.

    1. With all the hard work you're putting in to get to Crick I'm surprised (a) you weren't warm enough already, and (b) had the energy to open the stove door!